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Meet the Artist

Drawn to textures and patterns I am influenced by nature, stone sculptures, and dynamic line work in each of these originals. I’m making this work after quite a long period of 'sponging time' in my surroundings in my current location in northern California...anyone originally from Pittsburgh, like me, can imagine it took a while to get used to bigger trees, rugged coastline and different plants. This time resulted in making works that are a hybrid of textile, painting and drawing, and hoping it resonates with somebody, but I’m treating it more as an experiment than a means of commerce. It's more important to me that the pieces really strongly connect with people that love them, rather than trying to guess at what’s going to please the masses. Thank you for taking the time to stare.


I use the Japanese Marbling technique of Suminagashi to draw with ink on the top of the water + pull each unique print one by one.

I said my worries out loud which moved the ink on top of the water each time I spoke, thereby releasing my worries and creating the image you see once the paper made contact with the ink + water. Each of the pieces is unique and the practice of releasing my worries became both therapeutic and created beauty out of something I was finding that needed to be released.

These works exist in order to allow me to make decisions off of my curiosity rather then my fear. 


Foraging natural materials plays a large role in the work I create.

These pieces are foraged pollen adhered in a circle. These were created after the winter storms last season took down branches covering the road. I collected these and glued them to a cottony textured watercolor paper while wearing very long acrylic nails. It was messy and it was cathartic.

These are framed with out glass to provide no barriers between you and the texture. Natural materials will evolve: they are meant to naturally fade and decay over time. I choose to embrace + tease out this idea in my work.

Our Location

Northern California

My studio is located off of scenic highway 1 in Sonoma. If you find yourself wine tasting or on your way to Sea Ranch, contact me to arrange a private studio tour.