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one of a kind artwork

Fabric Collection I

All pieces have been painted or drawn on outside to soak in the salty sea air. Some pieces include 'sewing drawing' from my grandmother's machine.

Hang these as you would a tapestry, collage them on your wall, frame them glassless so you can see + touch the texture.

Original Artwork

Each piece is the only one of it's kind. Collect them in multiples or stand alone in your space. The texture + tactile quality of the work can be found throughout the collection.

Gestural line work is my favorite form of mark making. I put a great amount of positive energy into the drawing + painting in this work.

Add a brass fixture

These brass fixtures were sourced from traditional altar cloth fasteners. They use two small screws to cleanly attach to your wall behind the fabric. Just tighten the front + viola! hung cloth artwork.


If you wish to frame, it is recommended to bring straight to a framer upon arrival, and to request a frame float mounted.

This piece is intended to be examined without glass between you and the work to be able to see and feel the texture with your hand.

Better yet, collage them on the wall with the pin or tack of your choosing.